Facial flushing and alcohol dependence

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In the follow-up test, holding constant the type of drinking purpose and the random effect, the two-way interactive logistic model suggested that the probability that a student did not suggest that a flusher stop or reduce but wanted to versus the probability that a student had no such inclination was the highest when the flushing student was a general female friend and the lowest if the flusher was a close male friend. That said, the study may be useful in pointing up differences in the risks of alcohol consumption for Koreans and other Asian groups and points the way to further study of the mechanisms for any increased risk. The probability of a student saying they want to intervene but did not was higher for general rather than close friends for both females and males. In non-flushers, the risk of high blood pressure was increased with alcohol consumption of more than eight drinks per week OR 1. The results from this study can benefit the development of educational programs aimed at increasing the number of people who reduce or stop drinking because they flush and who lend support to drinking companions who want to stop drinking or slow down. Three of the drinking scenarios described occasions where the students came together expecting a considerable amount of drinking and the likelihood of getting drunk themselves or getting someone else drunk: Alcohol metabolism and cancer risk. However, the effect of the setting was greater for males than females, as the probability of intervening was much lower for males in risky drinking settings.






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