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Also, since I don't feel like creating a new topic, in the comments there someone mentioned that IMDbPro members could view additional info on it's page there [2]which suggested that the movie will, in fact, be set before the first game, focusing on the human discovery of the Prothean ruins on Mars and the First Contact War. Any edits here apart from maintenance and housekeeping will be reverted. An unknown would be so much better because we wouldn't be sitting there watching Neo, or that guy from Lost, or the dude from Avatar dress up in armour and pretend to be commander Shepard; and Sam Worhtington would be the WORST choice, just because he's the hot new thing or whatever, that's how you kill a movie like this. If it isn't even the mutilation to worry about, it is the fact that the premise of Mass Effect is that it is a game about telling and creating YOUR story. Yes total SG-1 fan here, but he would fit better than Fishburne. That kind of nasty things. Or maybe an anime style cartoon. Mass Effect Andromeda Jaal Sexszene


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